Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Diabetic Diets: Co nsistency and Variety

Having both consistency and variety in your diet may seem hard to do, but it is possible, and it is the best way to control your diabetes with diet.  Consistency comes from specific meal times and the same servings from the different food groups.  Variety comes from trying as many different foods in the food groups as you can.

It can be easy to just stick to  a few meals that work well with your blood sugars and are easy to prepare. However, you are likely to get bored with these meal, which can lead to cheating on your diet.  Also, you probably aren’t getting all of the nutrients you need from a limited variety of foods.

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Whether you are on the carbohydrate-counting diet or the exchange diet, you have a lot of possibilities available.  You can combine different foods for a new dish, or try foods you have never eaten before.  You can meet with your dietician to get additional ideas for recipes and different foods you can eat to add more variety to your diet.

There will be times that you try a new food, and your blood sugar levels increase higher as a result.  Think back about anything else that you had done differently that day, such as less activity or taking your insulin later than usual.  If the new food is the only change, talk to your dietician.  You may be able to prepare the food differently or eat it with something else. You may have to avoid that food altogether, though, if it doesn’t work for your diabetic diet.

Just because you have diabetes doesn’t mean that you cannot be adventurous with your diet Just try new foods at regular meal times and within the recommended portion sizes. That way you can be both healthy and happy.

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