Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Motivation for Diabetics to Lose Weight

If you have diabetes , you have probably heard from your doctor how beneficial it is for you to lose weight, but that doesn’t make it any easier to do. Nevertheless, your doctor is right: you will gain many benefits from losing weight including managing blood glucose levels. No matter how beneficial losing weight is, however, it is still difficult for most diabetics to do.

If you are already motivated to lose weight but just don’t know how to begin, make an appointment with your doctor or diabetes educator. They can provide you with information on a healthy diabetic diet and approve the type of exercise program you should begin with. Getting the okay from your doctor before starting an exercise program is a good idea for anyone, not just diabetics, but for diabetics, it's crucial. Exercising with diabetes requires extra care and caution in order to maintain blood sugar at a proper level.

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If you have tried to lose weight before and failed, you may find the motivation you need through a support group. Having a network to buck you up when you are having a bad day or the commitment of meeting someone for a workout can get you through the rough patches ahead.

As you reach certain goals in your weight loss program, plan rewards for yourself as motivation. You may decide to reward yourself when you lose ten pounds or it might be going for a half-hour walk five times in one week - whatever you need help with. Your reward can be anything that will make you keep going. Make it special.

As you continue your exercise and diet program and continue to lose weight, keep a careful eye on your blood sugar levels and insulin requirements. You may find that you need less insulin as you drop the pounds. Keep in contact with your doctor and updating him on your progress is critical to your success.

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