Monday, January 11, 2010

Natural Health from A to Z

Margaret Durst gives her recommendations for succeeding with your New Year's resolutions to improve your health.
Making New Year’s resolutions regarding health and wellness is a great thing to do this week.

Many of us (me included) make weight loss resolutions – which are good to make, but hard to follow through with without some kind of structured program that helps change lifestyle. Many have great results with Weight Watchers; others like the do it yourself programs like South Beach. My personal favorite is the Fat Flush Plan. Pick what appeals to you, but plan ahead and get support.

Aside from weight loss, physical health and wellbeing are important goals. I think health begins with nutrition. Good food choices are important, and I find that a good core group of supplements also helps. Great multi-vitamins make you feel good and insure that you are getting nutrients that may or may not be in your food. I like whole food vitamins – there are some great formulas now, including stress reducers, energy boosters, high iron, no iron, etc. Read more

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