Wednesday, November 12, 2014

How to Make Your Vagina Tighter

Vaginal relaxation, also known as loose vagina, is an increase of
the diameter of the vagina due to childbirth, aging, or hormonal changes. Vaginal looseness can seriously undermine a woman’s self-confidence, and make her feel insecure about pleasing her partner. Although sex isn’t everything in a relationship, sexual satisfaction is definitely an important part of it. If you feel that you have a loose vagina, the following vaginal tightening and exercise program can help you  feel tight and wanted again. Both you and your partner will enjoy an increase in stimulation and pleasure
during sexual intercourse.

IsoSensuals TIGHT Gel

A vaginal tightening program should start with the use of a vaginal tightening gel, which gives an instant tightening effect. IsoSensuals TIGHT gel  is an all-natural vaginal tightening gel that includes Manjakani extract. Manjakani's astringent properties instantly tighten and tone the vaginal walls, enabling a firmer grip, increasing sexual pleasure for both partners. IsoSensuals TIGHT gel also contains witch hazel extract, which helps to shrink and contract blood vessels back to normal size.

IsoSensuals TIGHT Pills

 To obtain more permanent results, vaginal tightening pills should be used along in addition to gel. IsoSensuals TIGHT pills also contain Manjakani. They work from the inside of the body to deliver long-term, permanent results. After taking IsoSensuals TIGHT pills for six months, women will experience a permanent tightening of the vagina.

 Kegel Exercises

To go along with vaginal tightening gel and pills, women should add Kegel exercises to their program. Kegel exercises are the best-known exercises for tightening a loose vagina. Here are two basic Kegel exercises:
  • Quick Flexes: Flex your PC muscle as hard as you can, hold for two seconds, and then completely relax the muscle.
  • Slow Flexes:: Slowly flex your PC muscle as hard as you can, hold for 15 seconds, and then slowly release, completely relaxing the muscle.
Ben Wa Balls

If Kegel exercises are not enough to tighten the vaginal muscles sufficiently, try inserting Ben-wa balls also, to try get a deeper strengthening of muscles in your vagina. Ben-wa balls are weighted, so once inserted, you have to really engage the vaginal muscles to keep them in!

Vaginal looseness can be a serious issue, especially if you are in a committed relationship. However, a vaginal tightening and exercise program can treat the problem and allow you and your partner to once again have a satisfying sex life.

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