Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Milkweed Sap Cures Common Skin Cancers

Milkweed has historically been used in folk remedies to treat warts and rashes. However, recent research provides strong evidence that milkweed sap can cure common skin cancers.
If you talk about herbs, plants and other totally natural substances having the potential to actually cure cancer, odds are you'll be greeted with eye-rolling and disbelief -- especially from the mainstream medical establishment. But research just published in the Journal of British Dermatology provides compelling evidence that the sap from a common weed known as milkweed or petty surge can literally cure certain types of cancers.

Although regarded as a nuisance weed by most gardeners, the plant (whose botanical name is Euphorbia peplus) has been valued for centuries in many folk medicine traditions as a treatment for asthma, warts and several types of cancer. Now a group of Australian scientists from a number of medical institutions in Brisbane have tested milkweed sap on humans and found that it works remarkably well on non-melanoma skin cancers. The researchers believe the plant substance is effective due to a compound it contains called ingenol mebutate which destroys cancer cells. Read more

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Louise Sargent said...

I apply milkweed sap to poison ivy, it works well to heal the rash.