Monday, February 7, 2011

Oil Cleansing for Natural Skin Care

You know that putting harsh chemicals on your skin can't be good for it. Oil cleansing is nature`s way of deeply cleaning and restoring the skin without the use of chemicals.
While it`s tempting to pay big bucks for department store skincare products, the world`s most natural skincare ingredient is sitting right in your medicine cabinet: castor oil. Oil cleansing is nature`s way of deeply cleaning and restoring the skin without the use of a single chemical ingredient.

It may sound counter-intuitive, especially if you have dry skin, but the best way to get oil out of your skin is by putting oil on your skin. Your skin actually needs oil to be healthy. Without natural oils, your face gets inflamed, dry or pimply or becomes a bed of blackheads. All the soaps and cleansers you buy and pummel your face with to remove oiliness only serve to increase the defensive oil-production by your body. You end up in a losing battle against nature. Read more


Gaelle Kennedy said...

I agree that the oil cleansing method is a terrific deep cleanse for the skin. The snag with it is that it is a too time consuming for every day, and I need to cleanse on a daily basis. So I use products made from other kinds of organic oils.
For removing makeup, for instance, and moisturizing while maintaining the healthy pH mantle of the skin, it's hard to beat organic coconut oil. It absorbs a whole lot easier than castor oil,too.

Skin Care said...

I haven't tried using castor oil on my skin, or by that, any other natural oils, but this sounds really interesting, especially the reasoning behind this. This somehow encouraged me to try remedies other than my usual commercial skin care products.

I might try this, but perhaps I'll go check with my dermatologist and see if this is suitable for my skin first.