Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Why Dieting Is Bad for Your Breasts

Gaining and losing the same ten pounds has a hidden effect on your breasts that may take years to show, says Nicole Blades.
Your breasts are pretty low-maintenance, and you can keep them healthy and sexy just by leaving them alone. Still, there's one move that will mess them up: repeat dieting, which causes your boobs to sag prematurely. Here, how and why plus the right way to keep your set gorgeous and firm.

How Sag Strikes

Some sag is inevitable. Gravity, breast growth spurts in your teens and early 20s, pregnancy, and breast-feeding all cause your boobs to change shape. Any change in the shape of your breasts stretches your skin's collagen and elastin, two components that make skin firm. This leaves your twins less perky over time, says Jill Weinstein, a dermatologist at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, in Illinois.

But you'll stretch out the collagen and elastin even more by constantly dieting. Read more

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iam using fenugreek sprouts since 10 days ,now iam 33years is it works for me.any way i find little bit change.